Summit Public Schools

Explore the role of a Summit teacher

Summit teachers play a variety of roles to establish self-directed learning structures, support student progress and build positive school culture.
Teachers coach students on cognitive skills and Habits of Success
They personalize instruction by providing opportunities for students to practice skills, give real-time feedback and support students to make their own plans to reach academic goals.
Our teachers coach students on setting high-quality goals
Effective instruction starts with setting goals. By personalizing goals, teachers tailor instructional strategies to meet students where they are.
Teachers provide students with real time, high quality and personal feedback
Using the Personalized Learning Platform (PLP), an online tool that houses student goals and work, teachers discuss progress on learning goals and ongoing projects.
Teachers provide students with opportunities to practice skills
If a student’s goal is to create a persuasive speech, their coach uses workshops to practice the necessary cognitive skills such as creating an argumentative claim or integrating evidence.
Our teachers inspire students
As both a teacher and a coach, our faculty motivate students and celebrate their successes.