Summit Public Schools

Explore a day in the life of a Summit student.

Each Summit school has its own daily schedule, but all share the same
core learning experiences focused on college and career readiness.
Summit Reads:
Every student reads every day for at least 30 minutes
Because reading is at the heart of learning, students have dedicated time to read books of their choosing. We found that this is the best way to improve their literacy skills and cultivate a love of reading.
Teachers will check for understanding
They may read alongside a student and ask questions to help them analyze and synthesize a story.
We have a large selection of books
Through our online reading programs, students choose from a variety of approved books.
We help students find the “just right book”
The book that is challenging enough to keep students learning, but not so challenging that it’s discouraging.
Some students will read in groups
Depending on their individual needs, students will read in groups, independently or with a teacher.