Summit Public Schools

Explore a day in the life of a Summit student.

Each Summit school has its own daily schedule, but all share the same
core learning experiences focused on college and career readiness.
Personalized Learning Time:
Students learn the content knowledge they need for all of their courses
They learn through a combination of online playlists (diverse learning resources including texts, videos, presentations, exercises), peer-to-peer coaching, and one-on-one tutoring from their teachers. Students learn the facts and information they need to become college ready.
Students move at their own pace and learn how they learn best
A diverse array of educational resources give students exactly what they need, when they need it.
Every student has an online Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)
Students use the PLP to set goals, access learning resources, submit work, and track their progress.
Teachers provide one-on-one tutoring
At the Tutoring Bar, students receive targeted support and coaching.
Collaboration is encouraged
Through peer-to-peer coaching, students support and learn from each other.