Summit Public Schools

Explore a day in the life of a Summit student.

Each Summit school has its own daily schedule, but all share the same
core learning experiences focused on college and career readiness.
Summit Solves:
Students practice math problems for at least 30 minutes a day
Math is like a foreign language: if you don’t practice, you lose the skill. Regularly and consistently practicing math problem-solving skills over a long period of time will prepare our students for college success.
Students practice math problems on Khan Academy
Khan is a world-renowned nonprofit that provides high-quality explanations and practice problems.
Each student has personalized goals
Students are assigned specific exercises and practice problems based on their individual skill level.
Teachers coach students through problems
They support students individually or in small groups to provide targeted feedback.
Writing out problems deepens learning
We encourage students to write out problems so that they can see their mistakes and repeat successes.