Summit Public Schools

Explore a day in the life of a Summit student.

Each Summit school has its own daily schedule, but all share the same
core learning experiences focused on college and career readiness.
After School:
Students can receive academic support, play sports, or lead a club!
Every school is open after hours so that students can continue to work on their goals, meet with teachers, or participate in one of our athletic teams or student clubs.
Office hours gives students extra support
Students can meet individually with teachers to get the help they need in the way that makes most sense for them.
Students participate in a variety of clubs
Summit schools have journalism, science, music, dance, engineering and many more student-led clubs.
Summit schools show sports spirit
Each school has both girls and boys sports teams from volleyball to basketball to soccer and many others.
Students high-five each other!
After a day of hard work, students celebrate each other before heading home.