Summit Public Schools

Explore the role of a Summit teacher

Summit teachers play a variety of roles to establish self-directed learning structures, support student progress and build positive school culture.
Teachers personalize the supports they provide their students
By identifying strengths and growth areas, teachers personalize interventions for students.
As tutors, teachers structure their time to provide students the support they need
In many classrooms, students are at different stations and teachers spend time with small groups giving real-time feedback on cognitive skills or content understanding.
Office hours provide students with additional support
Students self-advocate by meeting with teachers during Office Hours to get the help they need.
Teachers provide targeted literacy and math interventions
During Summit Reads and Summit Solves, teachers support students to build reading and problem solving habits. The level of intervention offered to students varies based on their progress throughout the year.
During Personalized Learning Time, teachers provide one-on-one tutoring
Teachers review data and identify groups of students with common needs and offer opt-in workshops and group supports.