Summit Public Schools

Explore the role of a Summit teacher

Summit teachers play a variety of roles to establish self-directed learning structures, support student progress and build positive school culture.
As curators, teachers are able to decide what content to bring into the classroom
As teachers introduce new content, they gauge how students are receiving it, by reviewing student upvotes and downvotes, to determine possible adjustments.
Teachers collaborate frequently to share best practices and resources
Teachers meet weekly by subject area to discuss student work, co-plan instruction, discuss instructional strategies and reflect on projects.
Teachers adjust content to cultivate student interests
Teachers employ their expertise of student interest and ability to structure a set of activities to support students to make progress on their projects.
Our teachers compile a set of meaningful resources for each of their students
Teachers use assessment data to determine where each of their students is, and as curators they organize materials to allow every student to grow.
Teachers select the content that they want to focus on
Teachers contribute to a common assessment plan and work collaboratively to adjust content to meet student interests.