Summit Public Schools

Explore the role of a Summit teacher

Summit teachers play a variety of roles to establish self-directed learning structures, support student progress and build positive school culture.
Our teachers create personalized processes that accelerate student learning
Teachers position themselves as facilitators at every step along the way. All of Summit’s systems and supports are in place so that students never need to wait to make progress.
Teachers encourage frequent reflection and self-assessment
To reinforce the self-directed learning cycle, our teachers facilitate student reflection on the progress and strategies used during project and Personalized Learning Time.
Project time is structured to allow teachers to maximize facetime with their students
The teacher’s goal is to facilitate an experience in which each of their students can make their own meaningful progress.
Teachers encourage students to work in teams
Teachers set up systems and supports to facilitate collaboration between students and maximize student-to-student interactions among our diverse student body.
Teachers make positive change in schools by elevating the student voice
As Facilitators, our teachers create space for students to share their feelings, build relationships and solve problems. Teachers empower students to play an active role in addressing campus issues.