Summit Public Schools

Explore the role of a Summit teacher

Summit teachers play a variety of roles to establish self-directed learning structures, support student progress and build positive school culture.
Teachers know where all of their students are performing relative to their goals
Teachers use up-to-date data to support student understanding of how their performance is setting them up to meet their goals or whether intervention is needed.
Teachers analyze data using the Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) Tool
Teachers plan for class by deeply understanding student data and determining what group and individual supports are needed for their students to move forward on complex projects.
Teachers collaborate in Grade Level Teams (GLT) to determine which students need additional support
Reviewing student data, faculty members meet with the teachers who teach a common group of students to co-design appropriate interventions.
Faculty pinpoint campus adjustments that are necessary to meet goals.
Utilizing survey data, the Leadership Team identifies areas to address within their school and collectively create action plans to tackle them.
Teachers use data to prepare personalized learning activities
Our teachers constantly review data to better understand student performance, which instructional strategies are working best and when intervention is needed.