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Summit supports a world-class teaching faculty who come from the nation’s top teacher preparation programs and care deeply about their students. Our teachers focus on building relationships with students and their families, coaching students to become empowered learners, and collaborating with like-minded, mission driven colleagues. Browse the profiles below to learn more about our phenomenal teachers and what inspired them to teach at Summit. 

Davida Lopez, Middle School Math at Summit K2

"Summit asks you to share your career aspirations, and shares pathways of getting there. I’m able to see leadership roles I could have and know there’s opportunity for me to grow. No other school has sent a message like that. " Read more >

Laura Ochoa, Spanish at Summit Tahoma

"I teach because I realized how privileged I’ve been because of previous teachers in my own life. I come from an immigrant family and we didn’t know how to navigate the educational system. I was really lucky to have really inspirational teachers who believed in me so much. They made me believe that I could go to college and I want to give that back to other students. I want students to see their beauty, power, and potential. I want them to know their opportunities. I want them to have the same opportunities had." Read more >

Enrique Coon, English at Summit Everest

"Being a parent myself helps me see my students in a whole different kind of way. Realizing they bring everything from home; that they are whole people. I care about them with that in mind. I try to approach them and teach in that way." Read more >

Ernie Batrez, Special Education at Summit Tahoma

"I’ve worked at other schools where they don’t ask you for your thoughts or opinions. Here they embrace all of our views and I feel part of a team- a whole team. I’m not just assigned an area or a person. I feel valued. " Read more >

Marlene Knuedler, Biology at Summit Prep

"I love the team and cohesive environment. We support each other in ways that are really valuable/open. Professional development is cultivated to help the teacher in a way that’s not busy-work; it is really targeted and personalized." Read more >

Erica Baba, History at Summit Sierra

"I went into education because it’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was 5 years old. The ages of students I would like to teach have changed, but it was a dream of mine since I was little. I was very lucky to have great teachers growing up and to love going to school. Since starting in education, my purpose has focused on serving underserved communities, especially after coming from a high school that was not like that." Read more >

Chelsea Watts, AP English Lit at Summit Shasta

"I was a middle school teacher for eight years before joining Summit, and loved teaching those grade levels. Though I wasn’t 100% into teaching high school at the beginning, I found Summit’s vision powerful and the change to high school felt right." Read more >

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Jacob Leon, AP English (Summit Olympus)
Chris Nelson, Athletics Director (Summit Olympus)
Bo Mendez, Math Teacher (Summit Sierra)
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