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Summit Learning Teacher Residency • Benefits, Support and Finances


Program Benefits

As a Summit Learning teacher resident, you’ll participate in a credentialing program that is embedded in a school site, creating a deep integration and alignment between your experience in the credentialing program and your experience in the classroom as a practicing teacher candidate.

During the program, residents:

    • Develop the skills, habits, and tools needed to personalize learning for every student and to build effective relationships,
    • Receive a student teaching placement that is deeply integrated in a Summit Learning school site in California for four full days each week for the length of the academic year,
    • Engage in consistent, individualized coaching and support from an experienced Summit Learning teacher and a Residency Program faculty member,
    • Are empowered as self-directed adult learners with a personalized trajectory and timeline through the program, and
    • Are active and important members of a professional learning community, working with the teachers, administrators, mentors, students and families to implement, reflect upon and continuously improve upon personalized learning goals of the school community.

Professional Development and Support

Each resident has a team of individuals to provide them with support, guidance and development throughout their residency year.

    • Cooperating Teacher:  Each resident is matched with a cooperating teacher who teaches the same content area as the resident, and serves as a model for high quality personalized instruction.  Four days per week residents work alongside their cooperating teacher by co-teaching, co-planning, and co-assessing.  In the spring semester residents will also complete your independent student teaching under the guidance of your cooperating teacher.
    • Mentor:  Each resident is supported by a mentor from the Summit Learning Teacher Residency Faculty who offers guidance and coaching through regular check-ins, observations and feedback.  Mentors help to foster the important connection between a resident’s coursework and practice in the classroom.  They also assess coursework including projects and playlists and support residents in completing necessary requirements for the credentialing process.
    • Resident Learning Experiences:  All residents will come together in the summer, prior to the start of the school year, to learn foundational elements of personalized learning, build community as a cohort, and prepare for the year ahead.  In addition, every Friday all residents and mentors join together for professional development, to engage in coursework and projects and to offer peer-to-peer support.  These experiences are facilitated by Summit Learning Teacher Resident mentors.

Financial Overview

The Summit Learning Teacher Residency provides an affordable and supportive path to a rewarding and successful teaching career. In California, we currently offer two different programs:

    • A Preliminary California Single-Subject Teaching Credential, OR
    • A Preliminary California Single-Subject Teaching Credential and a Master’s Degree from Alder Graduate School of Education and the Gladys L. Benerd School of Education at the University of Pacific
Tuition and certification costs:


Credential + Master’s

Living Stipend






Financial Aid


Access to federal financial and scholarships (see below for more information)

Certification Costs

$580 - $750

$580 - $750


Additional Information for Master’s Degree Financing

There are many programs designed to aid in the affordability of individuals becoming teachers. Below you can find some additional resources that Summit has gathered for you that may make this program more affordable for you.

Loan Deferral/Forgiveness Options:


Scholarship Options:





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