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Summit Learning Teacher Residency • Apply Now


Step 1:  Learn about our program and our approach to teaching and learning.


Step 2:  Complete our online application (available November 1st).  Deadline for priority admissions - January 8, 2018.

A complete application includes:

      • A resume
      • Responses to short answer questions (see below)
      • An official copy of your college transcript
      • An official copy of your CBEST and CSET scores, or the dates you plan to take the exams
      • Two letters of recommendation, at least one of whom has seen you work directly with youth (see below)
Short Answer Questions

Your short answer responses should demonstrate both your commitment to teaching and your written communication skills.  Your writing should fully answer each question and provide us with additional insights into you and your path into teaching.  Please limit your responses to 350 words per question.

      • Please tell us your story, describing your professional, educational, and personal path towards deciding to become a teacher. What successes and obstacles have you overcome to get to this place?
      • What do you believe most needs to change about public education in America?  How will you work as an educator to affect that change?
      • What about Summit's personalized learning model resonates with you?  Why is this residency program, with a focus on personalized learning, the best fit for you?
Letters of Recommendation

Your letters of recommendation should address the following:

      • observations of you working with youth, and specifically your ability to build strong, personal relationships with youth (in at least one of the letters)
      • your ability to build strong, personal relationships with youth (in at least one of the letters)
      • your ability to receive and act on feedback
      • your initiative and self-direction
      • your grit and resilience

Step 3:  In-person Interview

This is an opportunity for us to learn more about you through:

      • Authentic simulations
      • An interview
      • Your reflections and questions



We are looking for residents who:

      • Believe that all students can be successful
      • Are interested in teaching as a profession
      • Want to build meaningful relationships with students
      • Believe that every student needs a personalized pathway towards the life they want to lead

To be eligible for the teacher residency, you must:

      • Possess a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
      • Pass the Basic Skills Requirement and the Subject Matter Requirement (see below for additional information on testing)
      • Pursue a California Single-Subject Credential in English, History, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Spanish

Testing Information

To be eligible for enrollment in the teacher residency and to earn a California teaching credential, applicants are required to pass the Basic Skills Requirement and the Subject Matter Requirement. Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete these exams by the application deadline.

Basic Skills Requirement

The Basic Skills Requirement asks you to demonstrate your basic skills in English and Math.  You can pass this requirement in a variety of ways:

      • SAT scores for English 500 or higher, and Math 550 or higher
      • ACT scores for English 22 or higher, and Math 23 or higher
      • AP scores of 3 or higher for AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP Calculus, or AP Statistics
      • EAP exam report showing college ready or exempt status
      • EPT score of 151 or higher, ELM of 50 or higher

You can also pass this requirement by taking the CBEST exam.  More information about the CBEST can be found here.


Subject Matter Requirement

The Subject Matter Requirement asks you to demonstrate your competence in the subject area of your credential.  To meet this requirement, you must take the CSET exam in your corresponding subject area.  More information about the CSET can be found here.





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