In 2000, A Group Of Parents From Silicon Valley Asked:


WHO WE ARE • Values

"What's best for the students?" This is the primary question that drives our decision-making process and feeds our success. From our founders to our school leaders, teachers, funders and parents, this is our focus.

We believe every child is capable of college and career readiness

We ensure students are not only accepted into a four-year college, but truly prepared for success in college, career and life. All students are capable of learning at a high level. Pigeonholing or tracking students is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If they are not expected to excel, they will not. Simply put, we must raise the bar for public education.

We hire high-performing teachers

We have a world-class teaching faculty who come from the nation’s top teacher preparation programs . We ensure there are high-performing teachers in every classroom, every day. We reimagined the role of the teacher to facilitate deeper learning experiences and mentor students. They are engaged as leaders and have 40 days of dedicated professional development each year.

We develop relationships with and support every student

In order for students to realize their maximum potential and thrive, they need genuine, trusting relationships and a transparent environment. At Summit, our teachers and students know and respect each other. Every student receives consistent, relevant, and personalized support that is seamlessly integrated into the school day.

We believe change is a good thing

We embody a culture of innovation to drive continued success and improvement through a disciplined use of research, data, and student and teacher feedback. We seek to realize the promise of public charter schools as laboratories of innovation while keeping students' needs at the heart of every decision. 

We value diversity

Regardless of race, neighborhood or prior academic experience, we believe every student is capable of high levels of academic and social achievement. Students benefit from a diverse school environment that mirrors our complex world, and deepens both academic and social learning.


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